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Morris Ruskin
Managing Member

Following the production of Glengarry Glen Ross, Morris Ruskin founded Shoreline Entertainment. He has since produced more than 60 films including titles that have led to Academy Award and Spirit Award nominations, Sundance bidding wars, and premieres at almost every top-tier international film festival. To read the full story, see Morris’ bio at IMDb and see his filmography at IMDbPro

Jordan Walker-Pearlman

Joseph Mellicker is a co-founder of MoJo Global Arts. He is an Executive Producer of the film Ladies in Black, which was directed by Bruce Beresford and released by Sony Pictures worldwide. His other credits include the films The Book of Clarence and Equal Means Equal, The Jazz Griots, and Requiem Boogie. Joseph was a successful lawyer and sports agent for over 30 years, and he is a Minority Owner of Minor League AA Baseball Richmond Flying Squirrels

Mr. Oliveira is a member of the team overseeing MoJo's film co-financing efforts and greenlighting original films and TV. He has worked on over 40 media projects including: Netflix feature films, an Amazon TV series, music videos, commercials, and AAA video game titles. Previously, Oliveira was the CEO of a retail and real estate investment company. He holds a degree in Economics Film/TV from Harvard University.

Jordan was raised on movie sets by his Uncle and co-parent, actor Gene Wilder with whom he lived part of every year. Jordan began making films professionally as a teenager in New York for the then-new television network Nickelodeon. Jordan has produced, directed, and written several award-nominated films, including Snow Taxi, The Visit, and Constellation. His next production feature film The Requiem Boogie, is scheduled to go into production in March 2021.

Joseph Mellicker
Thiago Oliveira
Managing Member
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