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MoJo Global Arts is a production and management company fusing the talents, resources, projects and film experience of producers Morris Ruskin (Glengarry Glen Ross, The Signal, The Man From Elysian Fields, to name a few) and Joseph Mellicker (Equal Means Equal). The production division has over fifty projects in development, including film, television, documentaries, and foreign language productions, with a number of these already set up with studios and major production companies, including a documentary about Shari Lewis currently in production, a documentary about Gene Wilder in post, and the doc titled No Ordinary Life premiering on CNN on September 5. The feature The Swearing Jar premiered at TIFF in 2022, and Night of the Hunted is in post. Morris and Joseph executive produced Ladies in Black, directed by Bruce Beresford, and released worldwide by Sony. MoJo’s management division represents writers, directors, actors, and production companies from all over the world, including Latin America, Africa, the U.K., Canada, Spain, France, and of course the US.


Joseph Mellicker
Executive Producer
Wes Smith
Executive Producer
Head of Sports
Alex Flores
Sharon Wisnia
Producer / Manager
Morris Ruskin
Founder / Producer

Sofia Rovaletti

Director of Development
Hill Harper
Actor / Author


324 S. Beverly Dr., #185, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Please be advised that MoJo Global Arts does not accept and/or review unsolicited material of any kind, including, but without limitation to, any ideas, concepts, pitches, suggestions, characters, stories, treatments, outlines, scripts, formats, artwork, photographs, audiovisual works, musical compositions, sound recordings, and/or other similar works (collectively, “Unsolicited Material”). Any Unsolicited Material received by MoJo Global Arts by any means, including by electronic mail, will be immediately deleted, destroyed, and/or returned unread at MoJo Global Arts’s sole discretion.

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