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Morris has produced approximately seventy films including titles that have led to Academy Award and Spirit Award nominations, Sundance bidding wars, and premieres at almost every top tier international film festival. In addition to his role as Chairman of the Board of Shoreline Entertainment, Morris runs MoJo Global Arts, a production and management company.


In 2022 and 2023, Morris had films that he produced released on Starz, Peacock, AMC+ and CNN and he had films released theatrically through Lionsgate and Goldwyn. He also had a film at the Toronto International Film Festival.


In January 2024, Morris started production on the TV series Murder in a Small Town for which he is executive producing for Fox and ITV. He just finished a documentary about Shari Lewis directed by Lisa D’Apolito (Love Gilda) and is in post on a documentary about Gene Wilder directed by Chris Smith (Fyre, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond). He is currently in pre-production on a feature film he is producing titled R.U.R., being directed by Alex Proyas (I Robot, The Crow).

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