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GENRE  I  Thriller, Crime, Drama YA

Based on the Novel: With Malice by Eileen Cook, Amazon Editors’ Pick 

Writer: Sandra Bailey

Director: Anna Mastro (Secret Society of Second Born Royals)

Co-Producer: Claire Rudnick


Logline: After waking up with retrograde amnesia, a teenage girl must piece together the events leading up to a car accident in Italy that left her best friend dead, while facing media scrutiny and suspicion of murder. 


Synopsis: 18-year-old Jill is thrust into a nightmare she can't remember. Awakening in a foreign hospital with no recollection of the past six weeks, she finds herself accused of a chilling crime: the murder of her best friend Simone, who perished in a tragic Italian car crash in which Jill was driving. As the web of suspicion tightens around her, Jill's wealthy father Keith enlists the enigmatic lawyer Evan to defend her against these sinister accusations.


Determined to unravel the truth, Detective Grimes dives headlong into a global investigation, questioning everyone linked to the ill-fated trip. A lone eyewitness in Italy paints a horrifying picture: the car hurtling towards a cliff without brakes. The evidence mounts against Jill, leaving her desperate for answers.


Amidst the uncertainty, Jill finds an unexpected ally in Anna, a resilient young woman recovering from her own scars. Together, they navigate a maze of deception, with Jill's therapist, Dr. Weeks, urging her to unlock her lost memories through journaling. As the secrets begin to surface, Jill's past comes alive in a series of electrifying flashbacks.


In the sun-soaked streets of Italy, passions flare and jealousies ignite as Jill becomes entangled in a complex love triangle involving Nico, her trip instructor. Simone's jealousy escalates, leading to a devastating betrayal that shatters their friendship. But the truth runs deeper than anyone imagined. Enter Agent Alban from Interpol, shedding light on Simone's grim fate: she was brutally stabbed. 


As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Evan unearths a crucial video, exposing the mishandling of evidence and raising alarming questions about Simone's demise. Jill's quest for redemption intensifies her every memory a battleground between innocence and guilt. In a dizzying climax, the chilling truth emerges a shocking betrayal, a fatal mistake, and a friendship forever scarred.

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