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GENRE  I  Thriller

Genre: Drama, Historical

Comps and References: Camille Claudel and Piano meets The Count of Montecristo

Writer: Ariane Hahusseau

Finance / Sales: Celsius Entertainment


Logline: London, 1851. After escaping the insane asylum where she was wrongly imprisoned, a brilliant pianist discovers her treasonous husband is publishing her work under his own name. Determined to seek revenge, she will not rest until she reclaims her greatest strength – her music.

Synopsis: In the 1840s Victorian society, the celebrated pianist ROSAMUND (20) defies the odds of a woman’s fate by living for her art. But when she refuses to stop her career after giving birth to her daughter EMILIA, her husband NATHANAEL (28) uses the pretext of her hypersensitivity to commit her to an asylum.


Rosamund spends ten long years in despair and oblivion, unable to finish her most glorious composition: a loving sonata to Emilia. Brought back to life by a new patient who explains how her music inspired her, Rosamund decides to fight back and escapes.


After fleeing for days, Rosamund passes out in the woods and wakes up in the house of THOMAS (30), a widower with two young children, who nurse her back to life. After learning that her daughter died two years ago, Rosamund turns to her music for solace. She soon until she discovers Nathanael published her Sonata to Emilia under his name. Rosamund swears to regain the only thing she has left in the world, the last remnant of a mother’s love, her music. With nothing to lose, she will rise from her grave to seek revenge the only way she knows how: through her music.

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