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GENRE  I  Action, Thriller

Comps and References: The Fugitive meets Falling Down

Writer: Greg Gieras and Morris Ruskin

Director: Jon Amiel (Copy Cat, Entrapment) 

Finance / Sales: HanWay Films


Logline: A man on the run accused of murder escapes through the dark Oregon Forest but the deeper he goes into the backwoods, the deeper he descends into his own dark abyss.


Synopsis: In the heart of a dense forest, Martin and Myra's heated argument about his job transfer and her unsettling encounter with his colleague, Bob, takes a nightmarish turn. Their clash culminates in a devastating car crash, leaving Myra seemingly lifeless. With no cell reception and panic gripping him, Martin flees the scene as the police close in.


What follows is a relentless, heart-pounding pursuit, with Martin driving recklessly, evading the authorities, and confronting unpredictable locals. A chance encounter with Sheriff Roark at a tavern only intensifies his anxiety, especially as news of his car wreck hits the headlines. Martin's desperate escape leads him into a perilous forest hideout.


As Martin's odyssey unfolds, he finds himself in a truck with the volatile Roy, driven by disturbing news of a suspected Asian wife-killer. Martin's daring escape from Roy leads to a gripping transformation as he dons stolen attire, attempting to stop a semi-truck and pilfering supplies from a house in Jeffreys Tow. With each daring move, the stakes rise.


Stealing a police cruiser from Cruz marks a turning point, leading to a desperate call to his mother, who urges him to surrender. However, Martin's journey takes another shocking twist as he hijacks an Oldsmobile and collides with a news van, prompting the occupants, Karin and Dwayne, to enter a dangerous alliance.


With the police hot on his trail, Martin seizes control of the news van, careening off-road into the unforgiving forest. Seeking refuge in a childhood sanctuary, he faces an impending showdown with law enforcement, grappling with fateful decisions and a race against time. As Martin's actions escalate, he finds himself in an unexpected rescue mission, with his mother, Mrs. Lim, and the thrilling suspense reaches its electrifying climax.

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