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GENRE  I  Adventure, Mystery, Drama

Comps and References: Indiana Jones meets Big Fish and Hugo

Based on the award-winning video game

Synopsis: In the heart-pounding adventure mystery series 'Syberia,' career-driven New York lawyer Kate Walker is thrust into a gripping quest across Europe. Tasked with closing an acquisition deal for a toy factory, she must unravel the enigmatic trail of the missing heir aboard his clockwork train through treacherous mountains and mysterious villages. As the clock ticks down, the journey reveals secrets that lead her to the mythical land of Syberia, where danger and intrigue converge in a race against time

Concept: Siberia is a live-action adaptation of the iconic adventure video games that have captivated millions globally since their 2002 debut. 

Benoit Sokal’s enigmatic narratives and unparalleled world-building transport audiences on a breathtaking voyage. It’s a character-driven adventure grounded in emotional depth and intimate storytelling. 

Blending the original Indiana Jones' spirit of adventure with rich character depth, Siberia focuses on nuanced storytelling, mystery, and cultural immersion. 

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