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GENRE  I  Adventure, Sci-Fi, YA

Comps and References: Gravity meets The Core

Writer: David Coggeshall

Director: Joe Johnston (Jumanji, Jurassic Park III, Captain America: The First Avenger)

Logline: Two brilliant young science students are offered seats on the world's first space elevator bound for an asteroid mining station. The excursion is a dream come true until a miscalculation sends a mammoth asteroid crashing into the station, causing massive casualties and pitting the young students in a life-or-death struggle for survival.

Synopsis: Genius entrepreneur Simon Gates' vision of an elevator into space has finally become a reality. Among the dozens of invited guests to the inaugural launch are Nate Hayden and Holly Hearn, two exceptional science students and fierce rivals in their quest to win a coveted science scholarship.


Simon's passion project is humanity's first hotel in space. In order to secure funding from a billionaire financier, Simon had to agree to incorporate an adjacent mining facility with apparatus to seize and process asteroids rich in precious minerals.


Once in space, despite Simon’s refusal, the mining crew is ordered to tackle and secure a huge asteroid, larger than anything the crew has been trained to deal with. The results are catastrophic. The mining crew is unable to control the asteroid as it rips through the mining station and hotel, causing devastation and loss of life.


To survive, Nate and Holly must join forces and use every bit of their combined knowledge to achieve a seemingly impossible goal: a safe return to Earth for themselves and a handful of survivors.

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