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GENRE  I  Fantasy, Action

Comps and References: A female-led The Batman meets The Crow 

Writer / Director: Alex Proyas (I, Robot, The Crow)


Logline: Set in the UK in the 1930s, a recently married young woman, Alice, has set up a home in a stately mansion owned by her husband, Leonard. She’s unhappy and misses the city life. Adding to her troubles, they are attempting to conceive a child with little success. One night, Alice meets a woman in the forest of the estate. Isla looks uncannily like Alice... they could be twins. She claims she lives nearby but the next day, Leonard tells Alice it’s impossible; the house burnt down years ago. A horrible crime was committed there.


Synopsis: In a chilling tale of revenge and supernatural forces, Isla Black, a young woman haunted by a brutal past, finds herself trapped in a web of darkness and deception. After a fateful night at a lavish lake house party turns into a nightmare, Isla's consciousness is seemingly resurrected, allowing her to seek vengeance from the afterlife. Inhabiting the body of Alice Fairweather, the new owner of the manor, Isla discovers the twisted secrets of her own murder, unveiling a conspiracy involving powerful individuals.


As Isla navigates this eerie existence, she confronts the perpetrators one by one, unmasking the truth behind her tragic fate. With each revelation, Isla's identity becomes nebulous, and the line between the living and the dead becomes increasingly blurred. Encountering corrupt priests, wealthy dukes, and her own husband, Leonard, she seeks retribution while struggling to maintain her sanity.


In a desperate attempt to break free from the clutches of her tormentors, Isla manipulates the truth, weaving a web of lies and intrigue. As her own existence becomes intertwined with that of her victim, Alice, the boundaries of reality and fantasy vanish. The story takes a terrifying turn when Isla realizes she is pregnant, leading to a series of shocking events that challenge the very fabric of her existence.

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