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GENRE  I  Sci-Fi, Musical

Comps and References: Brazil and Dr. Strangelove meet Young Frankenstein and The Greatest Showman

Writer: Alex Proyas

Director: Alex Proyas (I, Robot, The Crow)

Cast: Mallory Jansen, Lindsay Farris, and Anthony LaPaglia


Logline: A young woman arrives at the island factory of Rossum's Universal Robots to emancipate the robots from capitalist exploitation. In an effort to make the robots a "soul," Helena demands a redesign of their basic nature, with catastrophic results for all humanity.


Synopsis: Helena Gory meets with Harry Domin, the chief administrator of the massive factory that produces the many millions of robots sold around the world. Founded by the Rossum brothers, now run by an entirely male board of scientists, Helena’s arrival signals the beginning of significant change for the company and the fate of the entire world. Helena’s attempts to improve the conditions for the robots are initially unsuccessful. Robots with no emotions are hard to crack!


Domin and Helena fall in love and soon wed. As the new president of RUR, Helena begins to make dangerous changes to the robots aided by Dr. Gall, Head of the Psychological & Experimental Department. A bizarre love triangle ensues between Domin, Helena, and Primus, the latest model male robot, with very advanced special features.


Domin and Helena’s marriage begins to fall apart at the seams, as a rebellion by the robots and armed conflict on a global scale erupts. The final stand-off between humans and robots takes place on the shores of RUR's factory island. Domin, Helena, and the last few humans left alive, fight for humanity's very survival.

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