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GENRE  I  Thriller, Crime, YA

Comps and References: Bullit meets The Professional

Writer/Director: Harris Goldberg (Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Numb, Alex & The List)

Financing/Sales: Highland Film Group 


Logline: FINN STURGES, an ex-police officer, possesses an extraordinary gift -- the ability to draw a gun in the blink of an eye.  After his sister is murdered and authorities are powerless to prosecute, Finn uses his incredible speed with a gun to find justice only to be thrust into the role of - a new kind of vigilante. 


Synopsis: Finn, a once-hopeless gunslinger, is pushed to the edge when the legal system fails to serve justice. After two ruthless gang members are acquitted of the murder of his pregnant sister, Finn takes matters into his own hands. Armed with supernatural speed and deadly accuracy, he becomes a force of nature, eliminating his foes with unparalleled skill.


Finn becomes the target of the same gang he seeks to destroy. With each confrontation, his enemies multiply. Fueled by the gang's relentless pursuit, he faces overwhelming odds, culminating in a heart-stopping car chase, explosive shootouts, and a chilling ultimatum

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