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GENRE  I  Chirstmas Movie, Based on a True Story

Comps and References: It’s a Wonderful Life meets Rudolph

Writer: David Kukoff 

Director: Ashley Avis (Black Beauty)


Logline: This film is based on the incredible true story surrounding the creation of the most iconic Christmas character of the 20th century, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


Synopsis:  Set against the atmospheric tapestry of Chicago in the 1940s, Rudolph was originally imagined by a wishful would-be author and struggling Jewish copyrighter, Robert L. May. After the tragic loss of his wife, May was inspired to keep going by his spirited daughter Barbara who not only saved his life but helped influence the heartfelt classic.


This is a story about a creative, sensitive father and his brave young daughter, who together brought about a wave of joy, inspiration, understanding, and much-needed cheer to America during the Great Depression and World War II.


This is also a tale that needs to be told now more than ever before. The deeper messages within ONE FOGGY CHRISTMAS, and the original story of Rudolph, are ultimately about diversity and inclusion. Just like Rudolph once used his unique, glowing red nose to guide Santa’s sleigh through the dark night when no other “ordinary” reindeer could fly— this film is about celebrating what makes each of us different, unique, beautiful, and special.

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