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GENRE  I  Thriller

Comps and References: Watcher meets Rosermary’s Baby

Writer: Ray Gower

Director: Sonja O’Hara (Mid-Century, Doomsday)

Co-Producer: Alex Proyas

Cast: Miranda Otto


Logline: A young pregnant woman leaves her abusive marriage and moves into an apartment complex only to discover that the seemingly friendly building manager has a sinister agenda.


Synopsis: Emma’s life has never been an easy one. But discovering she’s pregnant gives her the courage to finally flee her violent and abusive husband…

Four months later and living in a women’s refuge center, Emma decides to erase all links with her former life and contemplates terminating the pregnancy… until her warm and friendly health counselor, Mary Pipkin, helps her see that light can indeed be born from darkness. Mary finds Emma an apartment next to her own and with the pregnancy progressing nicely, Emma finally seems to have found happiness…

But with strange noises waking her in the night, tenants disappearing from the building and the appearance of bizarre, twisted hand prints around the apartment, Emma begins to discover that Mary Pipkin may not be quite as friendly as she seems...

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