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GENRE  I  Action, Comedy

Comps and References: Midnight Run meets Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon

Writer: Josh Goldstein

Director: Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Surrogate)

Sales Company: Black Bear, Dark Castle


Logline: Action-comedy about a grandfather who enlists his pothead grandson to help him move across the country to a Florida retirement home. What the kid doesn’t know is that Grandpa is planning to use the road trip to kill a bunch of guys who once fucked him over.


Synopsis: VIC SHORR (70s) is a physically tough, retired factory worker who fought in Vietnam and has never taken shit from anyone. But since the death of his wife last year, he’s been suffering memory lapses -- although he’s too proud to admit it. Worried about his cognitive decline, his three grown children have installed Vic’s grandson ANDY (24) in the house as a live-in companion to keep an eye on him. Andy is a pot-smoking underachiever who was happy at first to have a free place to crash but now has grown weary of dealing with his increasingly difficult grandfather. Things reach a breaking point when Vic crashes his car and accidentally burns down part of his house. The family insists that Vic moves into assisted living, where he can be properly looked after.


Vic begrudgingly agrees, but only if they take him to a retirement home in Florida which his late wife had selected. And there’s a second condition: Vic wants to make the cross-country trip by car so he can say goodbye to his old Army buddies along the way. Andy, the only family member without a job, is assigned the task of driving his grandfather, and soon after, the two of them set off in Vic’s old Buick, towing a U-Haul trailer. What we assume will be a sentimental journey across America becomes anything but when Vic’s true purpose is revealed - he’s not visiting his old pals to say goodbye, he’s on a mission to get revenge against the bastards who screwed him over decades earlier. What follows is an unpredictable, action-packed, and often very funny tale about an unlikely duo - a lovable but revenge-bent grandfather, and a grandson who is in over his head as he desperately tries to stop him from wreaking havoc.

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