Jordan was raised on movie sets by his Uncle and co-parent, actor Gene Wilder with whom he lived part of every year. Jordan began making films professionally as a teenager in New York for the then-new television network Nickelodeon. Jordan has produced, directed, and written several award-nominated films, including Snow Taxi, The Visit, and Constellation. His next production feature film The Requiem Boogie, is scheduled to go into production in January 2020. Jordan is currently filming the Jazz Documentary “The Jazz Griots.”

He was heavily influenced by spending Saturdays at his Grandmother's Church Thrift Shop in Harlem, where many of the customers were lifelong residents or neighbors. Some of them had been members of the 369th Infantry Regiment, or present during the Harlem Renaissance or part of the Malcolm X Era. After the thrift shop closed for the day, many would come back to his Grandmother's (Adele Walker) apartment on Convent Avenue and later Riverside Drive, reading from Langston Hughes poems, playing records, and recounting life stories. Jordan recently completed the memoir “Harlem, Hollywood” based on his combined childhood experiences.

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