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GENRE  I  Thriller 

Comps and References: Ransom with Mel Gibson

Writer: John Cairns & Michael McCartney


Logline: After her stepson is kidnapped by fake FBI agents, a city girl turned Montana rancher's wife, must outsmart these undercover criminals to save herself and her family’s lives.

Synopsis: In the heart-stopping labyrinth of deception and danger, Abi Thorne, a New York City girl who fell in love with a man from Montana and moved in with his family, finds herself plunged into a nightmare when her stepson is kidnapped by ruthless criminals posing as FBI agents. As the mystery deepens, Abi is thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse, forced to outsmart not only the kidnappers but also those she believed were her saviors.


Betrayed and isolated, Abi navigates a treacherous web of lies and sinister motives, all while trying to save her family. With the clock ticking and lives hanging in the balance, she must uncover the truth and confront the terrifying reality: the enemy is not just at her doorstep but within the very team she trusts.

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